Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review Celestron 44341 LCD Digital Microscope, I am really pleased with this microscope

The week ago. I'm looking for information on the Celestron 44341 LCD Digital Microscope II (Black), so i have to tell.

as a home schooler, I'm always collecting pieces of technology to create the learning curve of bright little minds. this context perfectly exceeds the limitations caused when students have eyeglasses or vision problems. can gather around it and turn the LCD screen to share the findings. the build quality is satisfactory, each function works as described. Some reviews claimed to see dark spots on the screen. I didn't find anything like that. There were some dark bubbles

Celestron 44341 LCD Digital Microscope

The LCD Digital Microscope II is a professional biological microscope at an affordable price. Change powers from 40x to 100x to 400x (up to 1600x with digital zoon) with a turn of the 3-position rotating lens turret. The large 3.5" Color LCD screen display rotates 180 degrees so you can easily share your viewing with others. For an even bigger audience, you can use the TV output .... Read more or Check Price


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